Vision Rehabilitation

Vision Rehabilitation represents vision care providers with expertise in several highly specialized services: low vision, vision therapy, myopia control, dry eye therapy, concussion, and scleral contact lenses. Finding doctors with these specialized skills can be challenging, and we’re here to help simplify the process. Certifications

To assist patients in finding doctors who provide the services that fit their needs, the VisionRehab team has developed a non-regulated certification system that identifies offices based upon the types of services they provide. This is in no way related to state or federal licensing of doctors.

Low Vision

  • LV1: Practices providing basic low vision products in their offices. Their examination services provide solutions such as hand magnifiers, telescopes, high magnification eyeglasses, prism, and more. These practices do not provide high-tech solutions such as video magnification and software, and do not provide in-home or daily living support/training. In most cases they will refer to advanced services on an as-needed basis.
  • LV2: Practices providing expanded low vision services including all those in LV1 above, plus advanced vision technology such as video magnification, bioptic driving, advanced telescopic devices, and & software.
  • LV3: Comprehensive Low Vision Rehabilitation Practices provide all levels of low vision devices, technology, and training.

Vision Therapy

  • VT1: Practices providing therapy services for patients with muscle control or sight issues, which is often called “motor” disorders. This includes visual functions such as accommodation (focusing), tracking, vergence disorders, strabismus, amblyopia, eye movement disorders, and double vision.
  • VT2: Practices¬† providing non-motor disorders, or what is often called “visual processing” therapy.
  • VT3: Practices providing both motor and perceptual therapy

Myopia Control

  • MC1: Practices providing medication-management of myopia control
  • MC2: Practices providing non-medication types of myopia control
  • MC3: Practices providing both medication and non-medication myopia control management

Dry Eye Management

  • DE1: Practices providing diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes

Scleral Contact Lenses

  • SC1: Practices providing fitting and care of scleral contact lenses

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