As an eye care professional that provides specialized services in your area, getting the word out, well… takes work! You have to manage ads on social media, search platforms like Google, and if it were possible, you’d love to be on television or radio. But the reality of that is limited by your budget. So… Rather than bear all that burden on your own, let do the heavy lifting!

LIST YOUR PRACTICE with, create your profile, and after paying our low monthly fee, you’ll start receiving the benefits immediately.

What does Vision Rehab do? You get the benefit of our online presence. How? We advertisements attracting prospective patients to, and other web properties we own. You get the benefit of our efforts to attract patients to our site!

  • Search engine advertising (such as Google)
  • Social media advertising (such as Facebook)
  • Radio (in some markets)
  • Television (in some markets)
  • Press Releases
  • Plus the benefit of organic search results (non-paid visitors)

Patients are urged throughout the site to “find a doctor near them”. Upon searching, if your speciality(s) are within the area they search, your practice will show up in the search results.

It’s as simple as that! So get started today and LIST YOUR PRACTICE

Our listing fees:

  • $275 for your first specialty (per month per doctor)
  • $50 per month for each additional specialty
  • no contracts: terminate at any time

From time to time we may offer other marketing services as they are developed.