Frequently Asked Questions

How does search work?

Search on works similarly to search on many sites that you’re familiar with. Patients enter text into a search bar indicating the specialty or doctor’s name, along with their location. Each patient’s search results are based on what they’ve entered on the site. When a patient does a search on, we respond with the most relevant providers for that patient’s search criteria.

How are Doctors Ranked/Sorted on the page

We first display doctors that provide the service the patient is looking for. The default display is doctors, within the area (radius) defined in the search details entered by the patient. Patients may then sort the search by various parameters offered on the page.

How do you vet doctors before they appear in your search results?

Doctors that sign up to be listed on go through our verification process during onboarding. For starters, we confirm they have an active license to practice in their state, and are in good standing to practice in the state in which their profile is listed. We also confirm their specialty. Only then are they approved to be displayed on our platform. However, does not make any representations about the doctor’s ability to provide services they are listed for on the site.

Do you ensure a provider is qualified?

As noted above, as part of our provider onboarding process, verifies that each provider has the appropriate state license and specialty qualifications such that the provider can market himself or herself as practicing in that specialty.

Do you promote some doctors over other doctors?

No. Doctors listed on our platform pay to be visible. VisionRehab simple provides marketing services to these doctors to be found as a result of a search. Users of the site (patients) are in coplete control as to which doctors display, and in what order.

Can doctors pay to appear more prominently in search results?

No! We do not provide any mechanisms for a doctor to be seen earlier, or more often than any other doctor.